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Last name : Populus
Family : Salicaceae
Type : Tree

Height : 15 to 35 m
Exposure : Sunny
Ground : Ordinary

Foliage : Obsolete
Flowering : April May

Poplar plantation

It is recommended to perform the planting in the fall to promote recovery.

You can find this tree in garden centers, but you can also poke a branch in the ground that you have taken from the tree of your choice. Make this plantation with your children. They will observe the birth of the first buds the following spring and they will remember it for the rest of their lives.

Poplar pruning

No pruning is necessary.

Italian poplars can be very severely topped when their height begins to become a nuisance to yourself and to the neighborhood. Do not hesitate to cut them down in a big way, you will not see anything the next summer. Your poplar will have a kind of second life.

To know about the poplar

The Italian poplar grows very quickly in height unlike the Canadian poplar which, while being able to reach the same height, will develop more laterally.

Perfect curtain tree, poplar is often planted to delimit a territory, a path or a meadow.

It has the advantage of growing quickly and being particularly resistant to disease.

Poplar grows particularly in humid places.
In particular, it made the prosperity of many landowners who sold it among other things for the manufacture of the first airplanes.

Smart tip about poplar

In mulching the foot of the tree, you will maintain a certain freshness during the summer!

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