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Planting a Magnolia Grandiflora in the gardens of Matignon

Planting a Magnolia Grandiflora in the gardens of Matignon

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It has been a tradition since 1978 that each French Prime Minister taking office plants a tree of his choice in the gardens of Matignon. Jean-Marc Ayrault did not therefore deviate from the practice and on Thursday, November 29, 2012, he also lent himself to the exercise, not hesitating to give of his person to install in this high place of the Republic, located in the 7th district of Paris, a magnificent Magnolia Grandiflora - botanical name of Louisiana Magnolia or Magnolia with large flowers. Indeed, the Prime Minister's choice fell on this evergreen tree, which particularly appreciates the climate of mild and humid regions and which, as a reminder, celebrated the tercentenary of its arrival in France last year via the port. from Nantes. The latter thus joins the sugar maple of Raymond Barre, the American Copalme of Michel Rocard, the silver maple Édouard Balladur, the tree with forty crowns of Édith Cresson, the pedunculate oak of Dominique de Villepin, the Dogwood pagodas by François Fillon ...

For the occasion, students from professional horticulture high schools were involved in this ceremony, as well as professionals specializing in magnolia. Unep, the professional organization representing the 26,500 landscape companies recognized by the public authorities, has thus been entrusted with the responsibility of providing the setting in which this Magnolia Grandiflora has been planted. A "home-made" substrate has indeed been carefully developed by the Garden Expert, Alain Fontaine. The latter concocted a heather soil from a compost of leaves collected in the gardens of Matignon and added a third of leaf soil, then a third of loam. Emmanuel Mony, president of Unep, expressed his satisfaction at being associated with this plantation: "We are delighted to contribute to this event in the prestigious gardens of the Hôtel de Matignon. It is a magnificent park that the French can discover during the Rendez-vous aux Jardins, an event held in early June each year. The landscape entrepreneurs, whom I represent, welcome the planting of this tree: beyond the symbolic act, it is a signal addressed to the French on the contribution of plants to our cities and more generally on the importance of green spaces, creators of social links and element of public health ”.

Visitors will therefore be able to come and admire this magnolia when the gardens of Matignon are opened to the public.

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