Fig jam with honey, white wine and cinnamon

Fig jam with honey, white wine and cinnamon

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Here is the recipe for fig jam with honey, white wine and cinnamon, proposed by Françoise Porcher, specialist and lover of jams.


  • 1 kg 500 of figs violets
  • 50 cl of quality dry white wine
  • 400 g of honey thousand flowers, liquid, preferably organic
  • 400 g granulated sugar
  • 1 stick ofcinnamon

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Recipe for fig jam with honey, white wine and cinnamon

  • I wipe my figues with a damp cloth. I remove the top of the peduncle. I cut my figs in four.
  • I put them in my copper basin or a stainless steel container, I pour the white wine and add the cinnamon stick.
  • Eventually, I add a little mineral water to cover all the figs.
  • I bring to a boil, then simmer, over medium heat, until the figs soften and the juice begins to turn syrupy.
  • I take them and reserve them in a bowl.
  • I add the honey to the syrup and heat over low heat, then pour the sugar in rain. I reduce this very fragrant syrup. It should freeze at the end of my spoon, fourth drop.
  • I put my figs back in this syrup and give a light broth.
  • I like to cut my figs in half to make cubes, on the back of the wooden spoon, this helps to prolong the pleasure of a refined jam that would be eaten quickly with a spoon.

Cooking takes about 40 minutes.

SUGGESTION : Served with a scoop of ice cream of your choice, even chocolate ice cream or blackcurrant sorbet, it becomes a delicious dish.

Françoise Porcher (about the author and his book)

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