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Lavender, an invitation to summer

Lavender, an invitation to summer

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Easy to grow, lavender gives us its wonderful scent of the sun. Carried by long stems, its blue, mauve, purple or white spikes perfume the gardens and produce abundant nectar which attracts bees.

The first lavender bloom from the month of May and, by playing on the timing of the flowering of the different varieties, its beautiful blooming spikes will perfume the garden until the end of summer. A clump of lavender blooms for over a month and remains just as decorative after flowering.

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Lavender, easy going

Lavender likes it in any light and drained garden soil, moderately fertile and rather calcareous. Poor, stony, dry land is also suitable.

But she likes the Sun. So choose a hot exposure.

  • Plant your lavender preferably in the spring, after the frosts.
  • Space the plants 40 to 50 cm apart.
  • For plants purchased in containers, untangle the roots and remove any roots that have become too long in the pot and may suffocate.
  • Fall planting is reserved for mild climates.
  • Improve the original soil with a little organic soil conditioner (two handfuls per hole).
  • In heavy soils, throw coarse sand at the bottom of the hole. Bury the top of the root ball well.

Lavender potted on the balcony

A tuft of lavender in Provencal-style terracotta pottery works wonders.

Many dwarf varieties are on offer today and give excellent results in the garden plant.

Choose a 30 cm container with a volume of 1.5 to 2 times that of the root ball.

A potting soil of peat and bark lightened by a third of coarse river sand is suitable for most species.

Never use a water tank and check that the water drain holes in the pot are operational.

Lavender pruning

Size is essential, but very simple. Operate in March-April (before the appearance of new floral drafts), cutting back deflowered shoots to 2 or 3 cm from their point of birth.

Use a short-bladed hedge shears. Be careful to maintain a rounded shape. Trim young plants under three years old so that they branch out well and develop as little wood as possible.

Carefully weed the young plantations. A organic mulch of cocoa shell or from linen sequins is advised.

Water only when the soil is really dry.

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