Thunbergia: the black-eyed Suzanne

Thunbergia: the black-eyed Suzanne

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The suzanne with the eyes, also called thunbergia is a magnificent climber with very original flowers.

Maintenance, from planting to pruning is easy, follow our advice

In summary, what you need to know:

Last name : Thunbergia alata
Family : Acanthaceae
Type : climbing

: 2 to 3 m
Exposure : Sunny, not too hot
Ground : Well drained

: Persistent
Flowering : May to October

Planting thunbergia

Planting thunbergia is best done in spring especially in areas with cold and / or humid winters.

The Black-eyed Suzanne is perennial but often grown as an annual because of its fragility in the face of frost.

  • The black-eyed Suzanne does not frost resistant.
  • It does very well in potting soil for flowering plants or geraniums
  • Choose a location sheltered from prevailing winds.
  • Follow our advice planting shrubs

Thunbergia size

In August, when your thunbergia loses its vigor, do a light pruning and it will start again.

  • Remove wilted stems as you go.

If you want to balance or reduce the branches, prune in the fall or at the end of winter.

Comments about thunbergia

The thunbergia, or the "Black-eyed Susanna" that some also call "Suzanne's Eye" or "Zanzibar Smile" offers a very beautiful bloom from spring to autumn and will be particularly appreciated by the "Susanna" of your heart!

Flowers have the advantage of constantly renewing themselves and giving off a lot of light thanks to the yellow color that characterizes them so well.

  • Maintenance is easy, it just needs to be watered on hot days.

Smart tip about thunbergia

If you want the shrub to climb properly, lick it as it grows.

Video: Karagözlü Suzan Sarmaşığı. Bakımı, Nasıl Yetiştirilir? Black Eyed Susan Thunbergia Alata (July 2022).


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