Camassia: planting and maintenance for a beautiful flowering

Camassia: planting and maintenance for a beautiful flowering

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Camassia is a pretty plant that blooms in spring with beautiful white or blue flowers.

In summary, what you need to know:

Last name : Camassia
Family : Liliaceae
Type: Spring bulb

: 50 to 70 cm
Exposure : Sunny and partial shade
Ground : Ordinary

Flowering outdoors : April to June

In pots, or in soil in the garden, it is just as beautiful in association with other colors but also with other bulb flowers.

Planting camassia

Camassia in the ground for flowering in spring:

  • Preferably plant your camassias in autumn at a depth of 10 cm, for a flowering in spring.
  • Plant the camassia bulbs about 10 cm deep
  • Camassias will be much more beautiful if you create beautiful spots of color.
    It is necessary for that plant the bulbs in groups spacing them 10-15 cm apart.
    The more there is, the more remarkable the effect!
  • Camassia prefers the sun but fears situations that are too hot, so choose partial shade
  • Find our advice for to plant bulbs in the ground
  • Here are also tips for plant bulbs in clayey, flooded soil

Caring for camassias

The camassias that we plant in the ground in the fall bloom in spring, which is the normal flowering time.

  • Cut the flower stalks when they are faded without touching the foliage
  • At the end of flowering, it is necessary to cut the foliage when it has well yellowed and only then because that is when the plant builds up its reserves for the next flowering.

Good to know about camassia

Camassia offers different colors depending on the variety. The best known are Camassia fraseri offering beautiful white flowers and blue flowers for the Camassia esculenta, cusickiiCamassia quamash and the Camassia leichtlinii

Native to the United States, they are loved in the wild, adorning magnificent pastures as spring arrives.

Camassia was also used in cooking for a long time by the American Indians who harvested the bulb to cook it grilled or in flour.

Video: A Tale of Two Camassia Bulbs (July 2022).


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