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Caraway: virtues and health benefits

Caraway: virtues and health benefits

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Herbaceous plant biennial, caraway is a plant close todill, of the'anise and even fennel.

If he's native of regions temperate and hot including Europe (Portugal, France), Asia (China, Caucasus, Turkey, Iraq, Afghanistan ...) and North Africa, caraway is cultivated in all temperate zones, on wasteland, abandoned or not. .

One of the most popular plants recommended in royal estates by Charlemagne (late 18th or early 19th century), caraway is a plant whose cut varies between 25 and 60 cm high.

This plant characterized by tender leaves, small White flowers gathered in umbels and, yellow seeds arched, was already used in ancient Egypt 1500 years before Jesus Christ for its benefits on the health.

But what are his virtues ? What are the ailments or conditions for which its remedy is indicated? Why and how to take it? In what other cases can caraway be used?
Here is a brief overview of what you need to know about this virtuous plant.

Caraway, for the record

Belonging to the family of Apiaceae (Umbelliferae), the word “Carum” would refer to Caries (Greek colony of Asia Minor) where this plant was cultivated in abundance.

Etymologically, the name of the plant would come from arabic « karâwiyâ " which means "sugar root ».

Plant with various appellations, we would have found his traces on sites dating from the Prehistory.

However, these are his seeds and his gasoline which would be the very source of its recognized virtues in herbal medicine and in gastronomy.

> Species and various names of caraway

Whether it is called "Dutch cumin", "meadow cumin", or even "Vosges anise", "cumin" (in Roman Switzerland and Alsace), caraway is also recognized by its linear lobed leaves. .

Indeed, there are 2 other cash of caraway that serve in Indian gastronomy. It's about :

- "Carum copticum" (or "ajwain" in Hindi), the seed of which is used in cooking for the preparation of marinades, curries, chutneys, drinks and sweets.

- Carum roxburgianum (or “ajmud” in Hindi), whose cooking uses are almost identical to those mentioned earlier, namely the preparation of curries, marinades and chutneys.

Virtues and benefits of caraway for health

> Therapeutic virtues

In general and as mentioned earlier, it is caraway seeds whose virtues are recognized in medicine.

Genuine antispasmodics for all the intestinal muscles, stimulants and especially recognized for its ability to promote the expulsion of intestinal gas, while reducing their production, caraway seeds are indicated to treat gastric spasms, anorexia, aerophagia, the intestinal parasites, the bloating and the nervous dyspepsia.

Sweet enough to be recommended in treatments for infants, the virtues of caraway seeds are recognized for their positive effect on painful colic.

Note that, if the caraway seeds have medicinal properties, those of "Carum roxburgianum" promote the expulsion of intestinal gas ; while those of "Carum copticum" are used to treat cough, the bronchitis and the sore throat.

Caraway also has a positive effect on bile secretions, gastric and salivary.
It’s also a expectorant and one diuretic whose properties are emmenagogues and galactogens. Put simply, caraway seeds stimulate the blood flow at the level of the uterus, in the pelvic region but also, promote lactation due to tired.

In short, in addition to these health benefits, caraway seeds also facilitate the digestion and are recommended in case amenorrhea.

> Gastronomic virtues

Very popular in Germanic gastronomy and those of northern European countries and D'Eastern Europe, caraway is described as plant « condiment »Very versatile for its beneficial cooking properties. Indeed, they are very popular because they fall under the flavor various food while making them more digestible.

Better yet, caraway seeds are used in the making of some alcohols ("Kummel", Brennivín, gin, aquavit, schnapps) or cheeses (Munster), but also to flavor the black bread or "pumpernickel".

In other cultures, the use of caraway seeds is part of the culinary habits where they are preferred for season the cabbage, the beets, the carrots, the mushrooms, the goulash, the Sauerkraut, the Tunisian harissa, some confectionery and pastries or again, the potatoes.

In delicatessen, caraway seeds are used to flavor fatty meats (goose, pork, duck and mutton) and sausages.

Moreover, fresh and young, caraway leaves are consumed in the same way as roots.
To enhance the taste of soup, salad, soups, tomatoes or stew, it is advisable to chop or finely chop them before consuming them.

As for the roots, they are eaten in the form of vegetables.

Healing yourself with caraway seeds

To treat colic at the infant, a infusion caraway is recommended.

To do this, you can prepare it on its own or mix it with peppermint leaf, chamomile flower and fennel seed.

So measure 25 grams of each plant and then infuse 1 teaspoon per cup of water with this preparation.

At baby bottle, give your baby this tea.

Caraway essential oil is a liver detoxifier. It also has antibacterial virtues : it reduces bruising and inhaled, it stimulatesappetite.

To obtain homemade caraway essential oil, you can grind the seeds in a spice grinder or mortar and then infuse for about ten minutes.

Note that 1 teaspoon of crushed seeds per cup of water is sufficient for one intake.

Note that caraway seeds can be added directly to meals. You can also chew some after a meal.

Form infusions, of mother tincture, of herbal teas, offluid extracts or fromEssential oil, the therapeutic properties and benefits caraway seeds are no longer to be demonstrated.

Good to know about caraway

Caraway seeds are often called cumin. However, these are 2 very distinct spices.

While caraway seeds are used for their medicinal and aromatic properties, it should be noted that at high dose, this plant can be toxic.

It is advisable to always have at home, a little caraway seeds preserved in a glass bottle or a metal box.

They can still be used in an emergency.

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