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Daisies: easy and generous

Daisies: easy and generous

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The daisy is an easy, pretty plant that offers generous blooms in the spring.

In summary, what you need to know:

Last name : Bellis perennis
Family: Asteraceae
Type: Perennial

Height: 10 to 20 cm
Exhibition: Sunny
Ground : Ordinary, rather light

Flowering: May to October

Here are our care tips, from planting to flowering daisies.

Daisy seedlings

Sowing daisies is the easiest and fastest technique to multiply your flowers.

The sowing period is in spring, around May-June, for establishment in the fall.

  • Broadcast sow in a box in special sowing soil.
  • Lightly cover the seeds with the potting soil.
  • Place your seedling in the light but without direct sunlight, then keep the substrate slightly moist.
  • When the plants have a few leaves, transplant into a pot.
  • Continue to water regularly.
  • Set up in the fall for flowering the following spring.

Plantation of daisy

If you bought daisies from a garden center, you can plant them either in spring or in fall.

In summer, you can also plant your daisies, taking care to water more regularly.

Choose a sunny place to plant your daisies, it will only promote flowering.

  • As for theaster, ordinary garden soil mixed with potting soil is ideal.
  • Avoid too heavy and too compact soils that retain moisture to the detriment of the plant.
  • To make this a beautiful ground cover, allow around 8-9 feet per square meter.

Maintenance of the daisy

Very easy to grow, the daisy requires very little maintenance.

We don't know him no diseases, nor any insects or parasites that could affect it.

Prune the daisy:

In spring, remove the faded flowers as you go to stimulate flowering.

This operation aims to prune all the flowering stems so as to stimulate the development of the daisy while promoting the next flowering.

Watering the daisy:

When planting, water when the soil is dry to help the root system take place.

Then it is not useful to water except in case of prolonged drought or hot weather.

Note that the water needs of the daisy in pot or planter are much larger and will therefore need to be watered regularly.

To know about the daisy

Plant of meadow, bed or planter, the daisy is spectacular in spring and summerthanks to that generous flowering which is constantly being renewed.

The fruits of the daisies are particularly attractive to insects, attracted by the smell they give off.

Like many herbaceous but also asteraceous flowers, daisies close at night and open at the first light of the sun.

The expression flush with the daisies This is because they are often the smallest flowers to adorn meadows and lawns and even mowing is not enough to cut them.

Finally, note that the daisy that grows along stone walls or sometimes even between stones is called erigeron and is not part of the same family. It is also called wall daisy.

Smart tip about daisies

To encourage the appearance of new flowers, remove faded flowers as you go.

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