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Freesia: colors and scents

Freesia: colors and scents

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The freesia is a beautiful bulb flower, both very decorative and fragrant.
In summary, what you need to know:

Last name : Freesia
Family : Iridaceae
Type : Bulbeuse

: 25 to 60 cm
Exposure : Sunny
Ground : Sandy and light

Flowering : July to September or February-March (in pots)

Maintenance, from planting to pruning, is quite easy and the result often enchanting.

Planting a freesia

If your climate allows it, plant the bulbs in early spring, around February-March, about 3/4 cm deep.

In case of risk of frost, prefer it freesia in pot and keep the jars away from the last frost.

The freesia loves the sun and rather rich but above all well-drained soils. This plant is relatively sensitive to cold, it will prefer the warmest and sunniest place in the garden.

  • Observe a spacing of 5 to 10 cm between each plant.
  • Form small clumps of 5-10 freesia bulbs
  • For flowering in February-March, plant the potted bulbs (5 to 6 per pot) in the fall and keep them in a sheltered place, taking care to water them.

Freesia maintenance

Whether you are a seasoned gardener or a beginner, freesia is for you because it requires little maintenance.

But be careful, some care is still necessary to prolong flowering and prevent disease.

Watering and fertilizer:

During the entire growth period and until the leaves have completely yellowing, water when the soil is dry but not excessively because freesia does not like moisture.

  • 1 watering per week in hot weather is recommended
  • A liquid fertilizer for flowering plants or bulbs is necessary every 15 days
  • We stop watering when the leaves are completely wilted

Freesia size:

Pruning freesia is not essential, but it can help improve flowering.

  • Cut the wilted flowers as you go
  • Cut the foliage only when it is yellow because then it will not have time to build up its reserves for the next flowering.

Freesia in winter:

Freesia is not frost resistant and should be stored out of frost in winter. Often grown in pots, it is easier to store the bulbs in a frost-free environment.

  • Once the leaves are dry, remove the bulbs and separate them
  • Store the bulbs away from light, in a cool (but frost-free) and in a well-ventilated place

Good to know about freesias

Its trumpet-shaped flowers form a cluster at the end of a floral stalk and brighten up the garden with vibrant colors such as red, purple, yellow or white depending on the species.

Note also that freesia is particularly fragrant and is part of the composition of many perfumes.

Its name dates from 1866, and was given by the botanist Ecklon in honor of a German physician called "Freese"

Smart tip about freesia

By planting at least 30 bulbs per clump, you will create magnificent spots of color in your garden!



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